Infinite Deadlock. The First Anniversary of Minsk Agreements

The second report of Center for Current Policy

A year has passed since Minsk-2 was signed. Contradictions between the parties increase and that negative tendency is likely to stay. The dynamics of the negotiations held in Minsk within the framework of the Contact group (as well as fulfillment of the already reached agreements) in 2015 and especially in January and in the beginning of February 2016 give little chance of resolving the conflict till the end of the current year.

The second report of ‘Center for current policy’ named ‘Infinite deadlock. State and prospects of the political settlement process of the Ukraine and Donbass Republics conflict. The first anniversary of Minsk agreements’ is dedicated to the peace settlement process in Donbass. The report presents the results of the Contact Group work, the main participants approach to the conflict, possible risks and new evaluation of the possible scenarios.

The text of the report in .pdf format is available below. 

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