About us

“Center for current policy” (CCP) is a private company working in the field of political analysis, consulting, expert reviews, monitoring and research.

It was founded in Moscow in May 1992. First CCP projects were research of multiparty system evolvement in Russia.

Since 1994 CCP has been performing analytical monitoring of the mass media and political consultating.

In 1999 specialists of the Center provided expertise and analytical support to the leaders of the electoral block “Edinstvo” during the election campaign to the State Duma.

Since the beginning of the 2000 CCP has been cooperating with the Administration of the President of Russia.

CCP has publishes analytical reviews which attracted a lot of interest among the expert community and mass media, e.g.: ‘Moscow Government of Yury Luzhkov’ (1994), ‘Property Redistribution in Russia: A New Stage’ (2005), ‘Leading Russian Corporations and Authorities: Cooperation Technologies’ (2007).

At different times the Directors of the Center were: Vladimir Berezovskiy (1992-1997), Alexey Chesnakov (1997-2000), Valery Fedorov (2000-2003), Konstantin Simonov (2003-2006), Mikhail Vinogradov (2006-2008), Since 2008 CCP has been run by Alexey Chesnakov.

CCP mainly specializes in analysis of political and social processes, monitoring of mass media, political and electoral consulting, marketing research.

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